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Tomorrow we are biking to Mount Vernon with Emily and Ryan.

I'm excited because the Mount Vernon trail is a beautiful and mostly flat scenic ride to George and Martha Washington's home. It's the one place (or maybe that was Monticello) that my parents insisted we cough up the money to go. I believe this will be the first thing we've paid to do (activity-wise) in DC besides the Nationals game.

The trail is also 18 miles one way.


I expect two or three miles into the trip, in addition to the "are we there yet?", I will realize this may have been one of my not-so-good ideas. However, our recent exercise-filled life and our summer racking up the miles on the weekend leads me to also think that this will not be that hard. I have also been riding the bike at the gym this week (see title).

Plus, riding a bike is awesome. You are sitting on your butt the entire time. So maybe your legs burn but hey! At least you are sitting. And, according to the Post, the lazies of lazies could ride it (or something like that). On the way back we might hop on the metro in Alexandria (or that is my hopeful thinking).

We'll get to see a little more of Alexandria and some beautiful Virginia countryside. It's also supposed to be mid-80s this week. hurrah! (IE not upper 90s. also, this week it's been humid-less. that is also nice. but weird.)

It will also be Dave's first time back on a bike (and therefore probably mine too) since this incident, about which I retain my innocence. humph. so here's to no broken wrists, scrapes or heat exaustion!

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Teri Bench said...

It was Monticello, but Mt. Vernon is a MUST SEE, as well! It is beautiful. The river cruise is nice, too. It's about $12 in addition, but last time we decided to do it, and it was nice. I love these two historical homes! Have fun...and no accidents, Dave!