the amanda bonanza

I know you're waiting anxiously to hear about our fourth of july weekend, but birthday!

When I came home Dave had decorated our room with streamers and balloons and got me a rad present. After we went to tutoring, which was great. After I had to finish a paper (boo)...but it's ok because my birthday was really two days long. Friday was the real party. We went to dinner with our great friends at the barlow center. The clydes, mangums and julie and oliver (the lj's) came with us. We walked down M street to Il Canale, a modern-ish italian restaurant. The pizza and company was great! For being a last minute pick (and I wanted somewhere close), it's the second-best pizza we've had in DC. I love it when that happens.

us, the mangums, the lj's and the clydes.

The party was a mocktail party, and we bought a bunch of juices and club soda (we still have 3 2-liters) (we definitely over planned) and whatever else you need...and had a party! It was a make-your-own drink kinda "bar" and we played games (I'll have to tell you about our new favorite game), listened to music, talked and drank a lot...of sugar :) It was fun and now we know how to make some great drinks! (sans alcohol, of course).

Now, the cake. The video of the adventure is here...but the cake was great! It had sparkler candles (which I highly recommend) and we had fun going next door to the bar to light the candles.

Thanks to everyone who came to the party, emily for photographing it, ryan for naming it, my awesome hubby for a wonderful birthday weekend (and bar-tending skills) and everyone for the birthday wishes! I had a great birthday...they just keep getting better!

21! woot woot!

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