happy 6th!

Well, we're back from our four day weekend (huzzah!). We have plenty to blog about, but I still need to upload pictures. Upcoming blogs include our failed (and I mean FAILED) atttempt to bike to Mount Vernon, the national zoo (flamingos!), the national cathedral, 2amy's, five hours of blistering heat in direct sunlight (though our own choice), the capitol fourth concert (reba and david archuletta, anyone?), awesome fireworks behind the Washington monument and, miracles of miracles, our final attempt to see Mount Vernon (we made it). We are also kicking off this week with 100 degree temperatures and a sixteen-month anniversary.

Happy Tuesday!

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Katya said...

wow! i am just dying to know what happened on this mount vernon adventure, hahahah. so post soon! :) oh, and i maybe made a francy purchase for you! late birthday present when we're both back in august? :)