hmm..only 5 months 'til Christmas!

While I would love to order almost everything from Paper-Source, these would probably tide me over until I can do that. I also love their cards but I would be hard-pressed to actually use them; along with the cupcake wrappers, I would have to wait until the "perfect" time to justify their perfect use...and I'm sure I'd never feel it was right. Unless I could order everything, then I'd have plenty. Aren't those Matrushka measuring cups cool? I love them.

If only I didn't have the nagging "how much space/weight will this take up" voice (dave) in the back of my head...

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Katya said...

wow we should be best friends.
because last night i wrote up the exact same post (but didn't publish because i couldn't get the layout the way i wanted it to and then got frustrated and gave up, haha).
here's to hoping we both get our wishlists!