independence day

It was really cool to spend the fourth in DC. We went to church and then Emily went to save us seats (bless her heart--she was amazing) while we made some food. We all brought food (it hit us later we all brought salty snacks. where is watermelon when you need it?!) and camped out on the Capitol grounds for about six hours before the concert/fireworks started.

It was blazing hot. not a cloud in the sky. We tried to sleep, find shade, fell into a heat induced coma (ok, almost) and tried to pass time by playing the slowest game of nertz ever. Friends kept coming and in the end, it was great. The concert was great! David Archuletta sang the National Anthem and another song (not "crush"...we were disappointed), Gladys Knight was there along with Darius Rucker (sp?) and Reba McEntire and some other people and bands). It was very fun and the fireworks were awesome! It was cool to see them behind the monument.

We fought to get home, but that was expected. Dave's flip flop had broke on our way over (curse of the weekend, seriously) and he was a little gimpy on the way back. It was funny. It would have been cool to go to the parade in the morning, but we didn't want to skip church and we would have probably really gone into a coma had we been outside that long. We did talk to two other mormon groups (one was like "I'm glad we're not the only ones missing church" They were from Arizona and she's like "I figure we're supporting brother archuletta and sister knight". Another guy just came and said hi and that they had another big group over somewhere else.) It was fun. Dave was wearing a BYU shirt--which is always fun to do on the Mall.

ignore my weirdly positioned legs and my sweat drenched hair. sooo hot.

happy independence day!

also, we watched the movie, independence day on Monday. I was distracted because I thought I was watching Star Wars.


Shanna Selin said...

We had practically the same experience last year. Sooooo hot.

BenchWarmer said...

jealous jealous jealous. And I LOOOOOVE your hat. I'll have to borrow it :)

a l y s s a said...

that hat is so freakin' cute on you. love it!