a long and hot saturday.

This week I thought it was odd I didn't have any picture to blog about our weekend, but until Emily posted about it, I forgot I had forgot my camera so I promptly copied her pictures and will do almost the same post as her.

Last Saturday we got up early to go to the Eastern Market, our favorite breakfast place. Between the four of us, we ordered some bluebucks, french toast, an omelet, the brick (a delicious breakfast sandwich) and some eggs and bread. And delicious lemonade. It was yummy. It was also very, very hot.

We walked to a place called Hill's Kitchen, which is a local cooking store. It was heaven, really. We had fun looking at all the gadgets and wishing we had the room to bring them home.

Then we walked down to the Navy Yard. We went to the Navy museum, which Dave was really excited about. They have the Bathyscaphe Trieste, which he was really happy to see. The museum was small but had a lot of cool things about the history of America's Navy. It was fun.

After, we toured an old destroyer from the 60s named Barry. I was not made to be a sailor. I love the water, but those boats are so dang hot.

After, Dave and I went up to Union Station and picked out some souvenirs and looked at the Postal Museum, which was pretty interesting.

After we walked down (a long way down...) to the Mall and went to the National Gallery of Art. It closed in an hour (we forgot it wasn't a Smithsonian) and looked around for five minutes before realizing that

a) it was basically the same as what we saw last year
b) we're not art people. we like more interactive museums.

So we bought some postcard prints of some paintings we (I) liked and went to our next destination, which was going to be a seafood dinner on the waterfront.

But as we were figuring out how to get there and sweat was dripping down our backs and our legs were screaming in protest, we decided to go home and save it for lunch another time.

It was a fun day but it was sooo hot.

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