mount vernon

oh hey. Remember that one time when we tried to go to Mount Vernon and never quite made it? The family who lent us the bikes were kind enough to lend us their car on Monday morning. We made it with no problems and huzzah! mount vernon!

It is a beautiful place and I think it was worth all our troubles (and the entrance fee). We also went through a rather large exhibit on George Washington and his life which was super interesting and I learned a lot. I really respect Washington and I liked learning more about him. He was a great man and had a beautiful house. The grounds are huge and the view is great.

we made it!


Katya said...

yay! i'm glad you guys got to see it! i would love to go visit mount vernon the next time i'm in dc.

Christensens said...

I guess the car had better tires and locks than the bikes! Glad you made it there.