our last friday

Last night was our last Friday night in D.C. We went down to Alexandria where a couple in the ward was house sitting. We went swimming for a few minutes and then had a barbecue. There were five or six couples and we had so much fun hanging out. We are all in the same ward (except one couple who is just moving here/friends with another couple) and we've had a fun summer with each other. Everyone just moved around talking to everyone and we talked about everything. It was a beautiful night (it was a utah summer night, I swear) and the food and company was great.

We really like those kind of parties, where you know everyone and it's smaller and it's just simple and fun. We really had a great time.

Then the mangums, lj's and we went home on the metro and were so tired we laughed at everything and people probably thought we were a little tipsy. It was a fun and relaxing way to spend our last Friday and now we're ready for our last Saturday!

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