The Plan That Went Horribly Wrong: part II

A few miles into the trail Ryan's seat went weird. (He should have had it fixed at the bike shop so they could have said "I don't even want to know. I'm not even going to go there. ) So we pulled over and he was going to fix it when "is that hissing?". Flat tire. oi. So Dave and I rode ahead a mile or so to the Washington Marina (which also had a bike shop). They were out of tire repair kits. Ryan and Emily met us there and we, very disheartened, announced that we were obviously not meant to ride to Mount Vernon, and instead would bike the two miles to Alexandria and spend the day. We would try to take a bus later this month. Dave biked to Alexandria to get a tire repair kit. Ryan, Emily and I ate some lunch on the deck by the river. It was very nice and as we then moved the sun, we lamented our bad luck, the cosmos and those dang bikes and made jokes like "if one more thing happens, I'm sitting down on the ground and calling a taxi".

We really believe for some unknown reason, we just weren't supposed to go to Mount Vernon. That may sound silly, but what else could we believe? Our cause was good and insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but it was going so very wrong. Dave came back and after fixing the tire (that tire was tough, man...both Ryan and Dave were fighting to get it off the frame)...we unlocked our bikes and rode to Alexandria.

I suppose that ride was nice. I mean, we were disappointed that we had to change our plans but for that two miles, I guess that it was as good as before. We headed towards King Street and wanted to go to a candy shop, explore downtown and eventually grab dinner. Oh, what a simple plan.

As we go to lock up our bikes on the side walk (after being yelled at by an old, bitter man because "this is a sidewalk, you know" and then checking to make sure it was ok to lock up bikes on the sidewalk), Dave and I realized we were missing one of the set of keys for those very expensive locks. New locks, remember. We looked through the backpack, our pockets, everywhere--no luck. After we bought some candy (salt water taffy and two York candy bars (they had candy from all over Europe. It was awesome!) Dave wanted to double back to search for the keys. Ryan and Emily were going to explore and we'd come back, with the keys, and eat dinner.

good plan, right?

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