proof that I actually do things.

here are two posters that I designed for my internship. they will be used at health fairs and other things. I also used my cougar creation skills, which made the people at fedex think I was rude. (to that I say I am sorry I can do your job better than you and can I just do it myself?)

LOOK at all those ADORABLE babies. babies babies babies. seriously. how can I NOT want one even more after working on these for weeks?!

ps -- i have to put in a plug for healthy babies healthy business. it's a FREE program for businesses. it can ONLY save a company money and potentially a baby. so if you have ANY say about these things...check it out. it rocks.


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Christensens said...

Those are cute babies and good job on those posters. It surprised me that North America has the worst premature baby rate.