summer musings.

This summer I haven't blogged much. I feel as though I've been recording, but not blogging. Don't ask me why I think those two are different things, but I have had many blog posts floating around my head all summer, including one on public transportation that is great-- or at least I think so (maybe because every time I go to catch a bus I start composing it again).

My internship ends in a month from Monday, and a month from yesterday we'll be on a bus down to Richmond to hang out with cindy and eric and noah for the weekend. We're going to the beach, I think, and it will be a blast! Then we're flying back on Sunday, I have a portfolio due Monday and one of my best friends is getting married on Tuesday. Tuesday night/Wednesday morning we'll be headed to Oregon for our honeymoon!

haha, ok. Maybe we don't need to call it that. But it seems that we're too young and too poor to just "go on vacation". A honeymoon is just a glorified vacation, though, so either way, we're going on some sort of vacation to the Oregon coast. Living on the beach will be pretty sweet. We're renting a cute little beach house for a few days. Then we'll visit Dave's family and head back to Utah for a few more weeks of absolute summer vacation (at least for me) before starting a first and a last semester. My last semester as an undergrad and dave's first as a graduate student. wahoo!

This summer has been an amazing experience. I love living in DC. My supervisor always says that DC either gets in your veins or it doesn't. It's in my veins. I'm sure that we won't live here in the future, but I've loved this city life experience. We've been so lucky to live here (especially at the rent). We can enjoy the city to the fullest without having to worry about a lot of city problems (ie the school sucks, everyone is crazy, etc). Actually, I'm sure I wouldn't love it as much if we really lived here, because rent would be about double what we're paying and there is just something about knowing it's permanent yet temporary. It's how I've lived for years now, so I don't really know what to think about "home" anymore, though when we think of going home we think of going to provo. I miss my family.

We've been here for a little over two months, but it seems much longer than that. We've done so much stuff--cramming things into weekends. We are looking forward to weekends in provo, where a Saturday that you don't have to do anything is actually a good thing. Here, you feel compelled to do something so you don't miss out on anything. Plus, almost everything is free, which is something we will miss. Three months is not enough time to do everything, but we've done a big list and have a few things for when we come back on vacation. Really, though, I suspect we'll never feel that coming back to DC is a vacation. I mean, we live here. We lived here. We understand and live DC culture (almost, at least). We roll our eyes at tourists who clog up the metro escalators and know the metro system by heart. I know it's not the same as if you've lived here for years, but it's something.

So, we will be sad to leave. I think DC will hold a special place in our heart as our...fourth home in 16 months...but it's also been a place where we've grown up a bit. The seminar program has been amazing. Sure, it's mostly irrelevant to my career plans, but maybe not. What it has taught me about our country, political system and my own beliefs has been a great experience. I've learned a lot and have gotten to see some really cool things. I've grown a lot and even though I've had to do lame-o homework in the summer (and on my birthday! first time ever!)'s for my good. I've had to think hard about my future and our future, and what I want from that. This summer has not been perfect, by any means, but it's been a good summer.

Dave has had a bit of a hard time this summer--very comparable to my experience last summer. And we all remember that, don't we?But I think he'll be better for it, just as I was. I'm jealous though. Had I been the one to be at home all day (well, he works...I just blog stalked) I would have hit the DC streets. But he's not really like that. But our weekends are way more fun, and we live with friends (which makes living in a room ok). We've made such great friends and between that and the mostly fun things we've done, it's been a positive experience.

I am ready to be done with my internship because that means I get to see Dave more. As it is, I leave at 8 and get home around 5:30 or 6. Then we have until 10:30-11 to hang out, exercise, make dinner, shop, tutor, do homework and whatever until it's bed time. I love the weekends because we get to spend them together doing fun stuff.

So anyway, I love DC. I've loved this summer and though it's going fast and I'll be sad as we fly West....I also can't wait at all. I'm ready for boring ol' provo. it's home. We'll look back fondly on this summer (I hope) and I'm anxious for life ahead of us. Also, my plan for dave to love the city failed, but I think he likes DC ok. But he'd never live here. Ever. (exception: maybe upper north west where it really doesn't feel like a city at all) (those are my words because it really doesn't feel like a city so I think it'd be ok. the bazillion dollar houses will deter us, though).

More posts to come though! we still have the loooong story (already written) of mount vernon, the real story about mount vernon, the zoo, national cathedral, fourth of july, public transportation and maybe some more musings. I'll try to save that for my journal, which, oddly, I've gotten better at writing in.

anyway, thanks for reading!


Kristen said...

I'm so glad you've enjoyed your time out there! It's been fun to hear about your adventures in DC and I can't believe how many things you've done. Hopefully you'll enjoy some nice and quiet weekends when you get back to Provo. :-) I hope this last month in DC is wonderful!

PS- I'm pretty much jealous that you get to go a beach house on the Oregon Coast. I hope you have a fabulous trip. Second honeymoons are the best!

Katya said...

i really enjoyed reading this post! i totally know what you mean about blogging versus recording. i especially liked the paragraph with "Really, though, I suspect we'll never feel that coming back to DC is a vacation. I mean, we live here. We lived here." i sort of feel the same way about france oddly enough...not that i've spent so much time here that i feel like i "live" here, but just that returning here won't be the glamorous thing i used to always think it would be. anyway, i'm so glad that you've had a better experience this summer as compared to connecticut. you sure deserve it! :)