the supreme court of the united states

Last Friday's lectures were about the Supreme Court. We had one of them in the Supreme Court (one of Justice Thomas' aide talked to us; he's a U of U law grad and it is VERY impressive (I hear) that he is one of the four aides picked among top law school grads (Utah is no Harvard)).

Anyway, it was very, very interesting. After we got to sit in THE court and though no pictures allowed, it rocked. Anyone can go in and I would encourage it. It's a short tour (you just sit there) and get to learn some history and architecture. Then we went over to one of the Senate office buildings and heard from one of Orrin Hatch's justice committee staffers. Very interesting as well.

We had to write a political paper at the beginning of the summer and one of my topics was the Supreme Court. I believe I was too critical of them after Friday's lecture...but like all the branches of our government, it isn't perfect. I'm not talking about any specific case, but the politics of court cases and my perceived opinion of their actions. However, that is applied to all of government...and something very interesting that I've learned here is that our government was meant to work assuming that men aren't angels.

It'd be awesome if everyone was in public service to truly do good, but the government was made to work even when no one seems to be doing any good. All about those checks and balances. (thanks professor goodliffe)

Anywho, it was a great experience and I am glad for my ever-expanding view of the world.


Suzy said...

you are a hot mama in the outfit!!

a l y s s a said...

i think its awesome how much you are learning. i cant wait for you to get home so we can discuss it all! i would love to hear how your views have expanded. lol i imagine i would be expanding my views as well if i wasn't shut in a basement all day everyday with a helpless infant. lol love ya.

Megan said...

love the outfit. you look so professional.