the three sisters

the legend we heard while on the potomac in kayaks went something like this:

once there were three Indian sisters who were avenging the death of three indian braves. their canoe broke (maybe) so they tried to go across on logs. those didn't work and even though the potomac is calm on top, in this area it is very rough underneath. all three girls drowned and now there are three stone islands where they attempted to cross.

they told us this when it was almost pitch black (ok, all the kayaks had flashlights) and all we could see were the outlines of these looming stone islands (ok, they aren't that big). she also said to look out for bats.

maybe not that scary, but I didn't know the potomac was deceptively swift.

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David and Jessica Clyde said...

These "islands" are kind of pathetic during the day! They looked much more scary at night!