all the dust makes my nose itch.

Well we're more moved in than we were on Friday and adjusting quite nicely to private apartment life and cheap grocery stores.

The chill in the provo air is not cool. (...ha ha)

It is fun to see our nephew again. We thought he didn't like either of us, but he started playing with the strap on my dress on Sunday and crawled right on my lap. We were all surprised.  Dave still makes him cry a little.  He's pretty cute though. 

The first day of school was pretty good, but with all my evening classes, I have first days all week.  Dave's classes are good so far. 

Well, that's all for now.  I have pictures from random things still, but it's past our bedtime. 


Sometimes it's hard to throw things away. I sit there with things I know are junk, but I still want to hold onto them even if it sits in a box. But motivated by wanting less stuff to move in the future, we are throwing/donating a lot of things. And it is becoming less hard.

What about you? Are you a keeper of every movie stub and random memorabilia? or do you just keep the memories in your head?


When we moved into our first apartment, my gallant husband swept me off my feet to carry me over the threshold and into our new apartment.

When we moved into our fifth apartment, my husband unceremoniously picked me up around the waist and dumped me into our apartment.

it's only been a year and a half.

moving day. love it. hate it. our new apartment is kinda weird. it's still in wymount, but a different layout and the opposite of the other two we've lived in. it throws me off and...just weird. it'll take a little getting used to.

my new favorite show


cupcake wars.  I love it.  It's so silly but it can be so intense.  You immediately warm up to a baker and just want them to win.  There is a lot of talent on the show and it's super fun to watch. (and I've learned that the girl who is the epitome of a california stereotype can totally kick butt.  go figure).  and delicious.  

there are three rounds: taste, taste/presentation, presentation (1000 cupcakes + display!)

anyway, I watched something similar on the flight home but it was with cookies.  I've been watching this one.  I have rediscovered my love for the food channel.  mmm.  

oregon coast

We stayed at the Oregon coast for a few days as part of our vacation. We stayed at beachside inn and loved it. We would totally recommend it. We were a block from the beach, had a cute and cozy room and the price was great.

It ended up being cooler on one of the days so we bought some sweatshirts. We had fun playing on the beach, making a sandcastle, eating some good food, watching a lot of tv/movies (hey, we were on vacation) (oh yeah, we do that a lot anyway...), watching the sun set and staying in our nice beachy house. We had a lot of fun. We also got to go to trader joe's again and that made me happy.

richmond, va

we especially loved this little guy.
he loved the sand.

Part of our trip home was stopping in Richmond, VA, and spending time with our friends Cindy and Eric. (more on that here.)

We didn't take that many pictures, but we had a lot of fun!

screen on the green

On one of our last Mondays, we went to screen on the green. We watched 12 angry men after the sun went down and it was a lot of fun!  I can't remember if I've seen that movie before, but it was really good anyway.  We had some snacks and it was the most perfect DC night I remember.  We even saw two shooting stars.  

We went the Mangums (who also have a post on this with pictures because blogger won't upload any this morning...) and it was great to watch a movie with the Capitol in front of us. 

I miss DC just a little bit. 

a simple home

I found though another blog and let me tell you, it's amazing.  I have only browsed through using my ipod touch and I have been reading her posts all night.

Her on-the-computer site is just as great.  She talked about finances, organization, simplicity, family and more.  I find her posts so easy to relate to and know that I am often (or will be) in a similar situation.  I think it's also because I want a "simple home" and I found a great how-to.

I feel like she knows exactly what I've thought of or had troubles with (like, say, a budget, or non-permanency) and she talks about her solutions and why she choses them.  She also has a great sense of humor and I've really enjoyed diving into her posts.  Her site is a great resource on all things home and family -y.

What do you think?

half of my heart

It was getting time for another one of "those songs".
I know I'm months behind but we didn't listen to the radio at all for over three months, and even then...I just am always behind on music these days. Oh well. I love this song a lot. I listened to a lot of John Mayer this summer and this song is exactly what I love about his music. it's not really a happy song by any means, but for some reason, I love the lyrics. (I'm not saying it's a good attitude or anything)

half of my heart is shotgun wedding to a girl with a paper ring...
and half of my heart is part of a man who's never truly loved anything...

coast to coast

we made it from the east coast to the west coast in 5 days. virginia beach to oregon beach.

npg (nation per gallon)

On our last day we went to the national portrait gallery and while I took some pictures of presidents and other people, I liked these patriotic-ish artworks the most.  They were in the modern side of the building.  The top had tvs that shaped the state and played footage of that state, the second was out of license plates and the third is as well, and is the preamble of the constitution.  cool eh?

thomas sweet

we went here as part of our last week hurrah.  it was delicious. 

dulce de leche.  yum!

julie had to stay home.  :(

I'd definitely go back.  
If you ever do go, it can be pretty confusing as their chalkboard is brimming with choices.  I went to yelp and looked at the comments and wrote down the most mentioned flavors, and we all chose from that list.  It worked out pretty well. 


I haven't heard sirens in over a week. 

weird, considering they practically sang us to sleep for over three months.  and to work. and to play.  and just weird, that the streets are silent. 

we're baaaaaaaaaaaack

...looking like we haven't showered in days

...feeling like we made the 14 hour drive in a covered wagon.

alright, it's only been two days since we showered and the 14 hour drive was made in our subaru

still, it was 14 loooong hours.  long.  it was very long.  we even lost an hour of our lives for no good reason.

but now we're back in utah and continue to bask in the generosity of our awesome parents. 

I have a lot of posts to catch up on...stay tuned.


there are just those people that I think deserve to be knighted and/or sainted. while I can't think of too many right now, the person who made it so chinese spam comments don't show up on my list of comments that need to be moderated most certainly deserves that honor. no more getting my hopes up at a comment only to find some asian gibberish that I can't understand.

who makes your list of people who ought to be sainted/knighted?

oh, hey.

well, we're back from vacation and on more vacation.  Just before more vacation.  Then it's school.  Anyway, we drove from Utah to the edge of Oregon on one very long Wednesday.  I didn't even drive halfway...the four hours I did drive (across Idaho) was quite long/boring.  I don't like driving long distances very much.

Our beach vacation was great (more to follow when I upload pictures).  Today we drove back to Portland and are staying with Dave's family for a few days.  Then it's back to Utah for a week and a half of vacation until school starts.  arg!  It's weird that school is starting.  For some reason, this summer (even though I was in "school") removed me enough from school/byu/provo/classes that it is strange to go back.  Of course, as previously stated, we are very excited to get all our stuff back and move into an apartment, and I just started making a huge list (and I'm not done) of all the things I want to cook/bake when I get back to a kitchen.  (and maybe my mom's counts).   I also can't wait to start sewing again.

Anyway, no pictures for a few days and I'll just be making lists on my ipod, paper, and in my head anyway'll have to wait for those.  We're also enjoying the wii (we want one!) and are going hiking on Monday.  We're not sure what else we are doing, but we are loving not having to do anything...

happy summer!

monday thoughts.

We made it home safe and sound.  even early, which was great because the flight was mercilessly long (not compared to overseas, but was almost across the whole country)

I spent the flight watching the Nanny (anyone else love that show?), TLC and the food network.  We enjoyed our first time flying jetBlue. 

We got up at 6:40 this morning and it was weird because we felt like we'd slept in.  East coast time, we did..but we also went to bed at 2 am eastern time...interesting.  

I have finished my internship portfolio.  I just have to print it.  Which we all know will probably a big ordeal, but I hope not.

I'm driving today for the first time in over 3 months.  eesh. 

My straightener broke after 3 + years of loyal services.   I'm not saying I wished for it to happen, but I'm not not saying that either.  It's just the risk of flying, you know? 

Dave promptly took it apart.  yeah, what a weirdo. 

I love mountains.  I guess in big cities, the buildings provide most of the landscape.  I kinda like the mountains doing that here. 

We're glad to be back to Utah.  We loved DC and our fun summer, but we like this too. 

I thought it was cold last night.  It was probably like 75 degrees.  No humidity. 

almost home

We had the time of our lives taking our five heavy and huge bags down DC streets, on the metro, transferring lines and through union station. It was great.

We also had fun with the two hour delay on our train. And with dragging our five bags on and off the train. And the train ride was ok, even though they travel at 4 miles an hour. (ok, ok, maybe 10). At least they had an outlet so I could work on my homework. It worked out perfectly.

However, once we got to Cindy and Eric's (who were so nice to still pick us up even though we were two hours late), our night turned right back around. They had some food and a nice bed waiting for us (it was ONE mattress!).

We woke up early and went to Virginia beach and it was so fun! It was a perfect day and the beach was so fun. After we drove back and stopped at Williamsburg, which played a pretty cool role in the revolutionary war. Then we had some much needed dinner and plan to relax with the movie Invictus tonight. We also get to sleep on the nice mattress again. It's one mattress. We really like sleeping on just one mattress (as in not two twin beds pushed together--as in our summer sleeping situation).

Tomorrow we have a semi-early flight to JFK and then to SLC. wahoo!

We can't wait to get back to some form of permanency in our lives. Even though we won't be in our own apartment and for three days we will be running around turning portfolios in, getting ready for a wedding and attending a wedding + festivities (yay, megan!) and packing for our trip to oregon.

So, not really any more permanency, but we'll see our families, be at our permanent address (so, I guess that counts) and be one step closer to our own, normal-sized apartment.

wahoo! a big thanks to cindy and eric for their wonderful hospitality (when they came to DC, we couldn't be nearly as nice since guests aren't allowed at the barlow center...hmm...).

westward ho!

yes, this explains the extra lbs...

 (wow, look at those freaky fingers)

The one thing we will surely miss about DC is the food.  Our bank account couldn't be happier that we are going home and back to our old ways of j-dawgs once in a while (mmm, but doesn't that sounds sooo good?) On Tuesday we went to Good Stuff one more time.  We each got our favorite burger, we tried the fries and a soursop hop strawberry shake.  yum!  The pictures kind of stink, but the lighting was poor.  Em has a picture of all of us, so maybe that'll come later.  

 It's been a delicious summer!

three in one

Rosslyn offered a great view across the potomac.  

To the right, there was a wedding going on.  A great spot for a wedding, I'm sure.  Except the asian tourists standing almost in the middle of it... (dave made us move far away if we were going to glance over)

iwo jima

After eating delicious seafood and buying a few souvenirs, we went to the iwo jima memorial (or US marine corps memorial).  Even though other memorials in DC have statues of presidents, this one is different with just the marines raising the flag.  It's a little more powerful, though we love the other memorials too. 


Well, my internship is over. We just had a breakfast this morning and then we hopped on the metro and said goodbye. It's weird that it's over. This week was full of lasts and mental pictures. A song by John Mayer has been running through my head all week, especially as I'm saying goodbye to people and places. (Also, I can't recommend his album "heavier things" enough. John Mayer is a guitar god, and it's sooo good. "home life" and split screen sadness are my favorites. Continuum is also great. anyway....)

Airports see it all the time
Where someone's last goodbye
Blends in with someone's sigh
Cause someone's coming home
In hand a single rose

And that's the way this wheel keeps working now
That's the way this wheel keeps working now
And I won't be the last
No I won't be the last,
To love her

And you can't build a house of leaves
And live like it's an evergreen
It's just a season thing
It's just this thing that seasons do

And that's the way this wheel keeps working now
That's the way this wheel keeps working now
And you won't be the first
No you won't be the first
To love me

You can find me, if you ever want again
I'll be around the bend
I'll be around the bend
I'll be around,
I'll be around
And if you never stop when you wave goodbye
You just might find if you give it time
You will wave hello again
You just might wave hello again

And that's the way this wheel keeps working now
That's the way this wheel keeps working now

You can't love too much one part of it

I believe that my life's gonna see
The love I give
Return to me

it was shorter in egyptian.

Well, emily is much better at finding clips on youtube than I am, so here is the fruit of her labors.  This is one of the funniest movie scenes...for the four of us, it has yet to get old, and we've quoted it a hundred times since last weekend.  

The accuracy of that movie is atrocious, but's a great family film. 

a see food diet.

Last Saturday we went to the southwest waterfront to get some sea food. We ended up getting some spiced steamed shrimp and some delicious crab. It was so good. We also didn't have anything to get the crab open with so it was fun doing that with our hands. It also wasn't quite as hot as last weekend.

with a promise of being decisive.

d: can you carry the backpack for awhile?

a: sure!

(later--on our way down M street to get some ben & jerry's)

d: do you want me to carry the backpack?

a: no, we're almost home. it's fine. (remembers about her favorite store)

a: if we can stop at the paper store i'll carry the backpack all the way home

d: ................give me the backpack.


On Friday we finally made it to the Washington, DC temple. It is such a beautiful temple!

it stung like a violent wind that our memories depend on a faulty camera in our minds

Keeping with DC 3rd ward tradition, all the BYU interns stood on the stand while everyone sang the first verse of "God Be With You 'til We Meet Again". It felt so good to look out at the group of people who were sincerely singing with love and know that we were here and we made a difference and for a few months, we belonged here.

The ward is full of faith and hope and is one of the best wards I've ever been in. People are from all over and with so many different experiences, it is hard to capture the ward in one sentence or word. It has been such a good experience and we will miss the small traditions in this ward that other wards don't have, the singing when someone leaves as one of them. It's not huge, but makes a small difference.

We have definitely missed the 3 minutes it takes to get to church, but it's always an adventure going here. This week they moved to a building just over in Maryland instead of central DC, and it was great to be in a more "normal" looking building. It was beautiful and a good last Sunday.

To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

*death cab for cutie: what sarah said
*Ecclesiastes 3