happy halloween!

This is calvin looking cute in a pumpkin hat I made him last week. It turns out that making a hat is not so hard, except I wouldn't know how to finish the top of any other hat. It took about two hours and it was great to try something new. Also, it ended up fitting perfectly. During church I used my hand to gauge the size of another one of his hats. (which is a little bear had with ear flaps--very cute.)

Anyway, hope you have a fun Halloween! (and Halloween eve). We're staying nice and warm inside with a great dinner and Halloween episodes of the office. We're hanging out with the mangums, one of our favorite DC couples.

Did anyone end up dressing up cool? We didn't.


Teri Bench said...

Calvin and the hat are both adorable!

Katya said...

i love the hat!!! please have your own little baby that you can make hats for in the next 10 months so i can throw you a shower before i leave this state.

just kidding.

sort of :)