I originally just had picture or two of our year...but I kept adding more because 2010 was a pretty fun year. Here are a few good things that happened -

tank! one of the best parts of 2010 was our nephew, calvin. He's so cute and it's been really fun living close to him and trying to win his attention.

we had some great birthdays this year. dave's was complete with party hats and career-appropriate candles, and my 21st was full of our new friends, fabulous pizza and mocktails.

we both graduated! wahoo!

we spent a fabulous summer in DC. it was a great experience.

we also got to go to Gettysburg and Philadelphia on fun field trips.

we spent a few days on the beach, both east coast and west coast (and with our other favorite baby, noah)

we went to three weddings. two of my best friends and dave's brother got married. they were all great and we loved the chance to be a small part of their big days.

(and seeing san francisco was fun!)

It's been a great year, but I think 2011 will be even better. We'll be moving on to bigger and better things. Happy new year!

amazing breadsticks

seriously, these will change your life. a whole pan of these disappeared in 10 minutes (there were six of us). we ate at the olive garden the other night, and I'd rather have these breadsticks than theirs. just sayin'.

(picture from mrshardingcooks; they look better than mine!)

3 ½ cups flour 
1 tbsp instant yeast3 tbsp sugar
 ½ tsp salt 
1 ½ cups warm water 
½ cup butter

Mix first four ingredients in large bowl. Add warm water, mix to form a soft dough and let it raise in bowl for 20 min. Preheat oven to 375, melt butter in preheated oven on cookie sheet.

Take sheet out when butter is melted, let it cool a little. Roll out dough flat, cut into strips about 3/4 inch wide. Fold strips in half and twist the two halves together. Lay them out on cookie sheet, roll them in melted butter till covered. 

Sprinkle with seasonings as desired  [i've tried a lot of seasonings with these (dill, onion and garlic powder, seasoning salt)...and the combination we always come back to is Parmesan, Italian seasoning with sea salt. and maybe a little garlic/onion powder]

Let rise 20 minutes in pan. Bake for 15-20 min, until golden brown. Serve with marinara sauce.

recipe from Angie at mrshardingcooks

here is a funny story

our flight leaves at 6:00 AM.

yadda, yadda, plenty of pros to leaving that early but wait! did you hear the con? it's SIX AM and we have to wake up at FOUR AM.

The last two weeks have consisted of going to bed after midnight and waking up after ten. this is not going to be pretty.

I seriously can't believe "we" picked (and I say "we" because there is no way on earth we would fly out at SIX AM to save 20 bucks [oh, wait, we would?]) that early of a flight and EVEN IF it was to save 20 bucks...I seriously cannot remember selecting that flight. I don't believe it was the only flight left and we had no plans for the day and I'm sitting here thinking what in the world were we thinking?! is it worth 20 bucks? I don't think so. Flying is one big expense anyway; I doubt we even would have noticed the extra money that meant we could leave at a decent hour.

Although, we probably won't remember this next time we book a flight and we will pick a 6 AM flight to save 20 bucks.

6 AM? gross.

major thanks to both sets of parents who have to take us to the airport at FOUR THIRTY and pick us up pretty early too.

oh well, full day ahead. right?

well, that's just me, looking on the bright side.

m&m ornaments

For our parents, I made a set of monogrammed ornaments for everyone in the family. They turned out pretty cute. I got the idea/used the tutorial from MADE (mine don't look quite as good) and I like how they turned out. I thought they looked like m&ms so we gave them with a bag of m&ms. They are bright and happy on the tree. The hardest part was picking out the felt colors and assigning colors since our families have different numbers of couples, etc. Bleh. I am chronically indecisive.

bk & ad

for the gift exchange on Dave's side of the family, we got bruce and karren. we thought long and hard to get them and here is what we came up with.

1. recipe box, dividers and recipes. my inspiration came from here.
I've been eying that recipe box since the summer...but I was not going to spend $50. So I took some cardboard from work, bought a letter stamp set and did a simple version. I really lo
ve how it turned out. Then I gathered our favorite recipes (a lot are already on our blog) and wrote them out. I just used 3.5 cards so they could add over the years and easily find matching cards. We didn't do much with the box so they could customize it if they wanted to. As soon as we get another box, I'm making one for us (I can also make the dividers for anyone who wants any with my handy stamps!)

2. aprons.
I loosely (very loosely) followed this tutorial and I like how it turned out. Hopefully Karren does too! For bruce we had a craftsMAN apron for him. combination tool/bbq apron.

3. last, but not least, smittens.
I saw these last year (you can just google it; I'm not sure if you can buy them) and thought they were funny/kind of cool. So, I bought some fleece, Dave made a pattern and I made mittens for the first and only time in my life. Ha. They weren't super complicated, but the shape of these is important and I'm an impatient sewer. So, it was a good experience and they even turned out like I wanted. Anyway, we thought it was a fun gift.

bruce and karren are also great present givers; we received these classy monogrammed mugs with delicious chocolate (ghirardelli hot chocolate and toblerone, anyone?). Thanks guys--we love them! (and almost bought them for friends last week!)

by the way, our new favorite word is classy. (see here)

peacock lane

in portland there is a street (or lane) called peacock lane. it's about two blocks and all the houses have great christmas lights up. we drove down there last night and walked down the lane. it was very festive.

merry christmas!!

cowl scarf

I've recently discovered how much I like cowl scarfs. I tried crocheting a few and they turned out pretty good, but I really want the get the pattern for the paige scarf. Isn't it cute?

felt messenger.

For my sister's present this year, I made a messenger bag from this tutorial (I loved how it turned out) and made a bunch of felt flowers. I put velcro on the back and on a headband so she can change the flower. I used this tutorial for the larger flowers and this for the rosettes and I can't remember where I got the idea for the velcro. I read one too many craft blogs.

And don't worry, she already got her present so this isn't ruining any surprises.


We've had a fun past week. Here's a quick overview:

Today, my dear friend Katie got married. We were able to go to her sealing and it was very nice. The wedding, lunch and reception were are beautiful and great! We had a great time. Congrats!

We did a sibling gift exchange. Dave made my sister Alisa an easel. She almost had a heart attack.

We also made gingerbread houses with my family. Notice the carnage going on at Dave's house.

Last week, we made gingerbread houses with Katie and Aaron (and their friends). It was fun! Notice Dave's sumo wrestlers.

I've also made some great food! I made a costa vida-style dinner via these recipes. It turned out great! We had friends over on Friday night and we made pizza and breadsticks. The breadsticks were amazing. you should definitely try them!

Anyway, we're off to Portland tomorrow! It will be a lot of fun and we're excited!

last day of work

Today is my last day at the campus copy center. I've worked here 3 years--the longest I've ever worked anywhere.

I kind of feel like jim:

"If I left, what would I do with all this useless information in my head? You know? Tonnage price of manilla folders? "

and I might add lamination prices, many different paper prices, binding prices, exact price of binding an ensign...


It's been a good job though. Close, convenient and hey, I met my husband here, so it hasn't been all bad.

I do have a few blog posts if you'd like to reminisce the past few years with me. here. here. and my absolute favorite here

grad club

well, kids, I'm done.

school, college especially, has been a great experience. it's weird closing that chapter in my life but I'm excited for what is ahead. though right now, I have no idea what that is. but I know good things are ahead.

oh man. I will miss belonging to a campus, miss great teachers and my school friends

but I will not miss group projects, walking up the rb stairs 2x a day and I will not miss homework.

so thanks, byu, it's been great.


free music? yes, please.

Amazon has 25 days of free Christmas mp3s. I downloaded "joseph's lullaby" by mercyme and thought it was a sweet song. It's a different kind of Christmas song and is refreshing. I'd also recommend "angels we have heard on high" by point of grace and "o come, all ye faithful" by abandon kansas. check it out!

one last time.

christmas cheer

On Saturday I finished this bib for Calvin. I supposed I could keep it for future use, but it was easy to make and I didn't want it just sitting around for another year or two. I've had the bib cut out for a year now (last Christmas break I made a bunch of baby things and made some extra)...and finally got around to finishing them.

We had our ward Christmas party on Saturday and Dave and I helped. We also needed some Christmas-y clothes. I made a rosette for my sweater and a felt tree for Dave. Not pictured is me in an elf hat and Dave in reindeer antlers. We had to wear them. :)


I made a bunch of rosette clips, a jersey bracelet w/ a flower and added flowers to an ear warmer as part of the prizes. I used this tutorial and will definitely be doing more with these babies. And mostly my fingers have recovered from the hot glue. man, that stuff is hot.

as of now,

it's my last school night ever. to celebrate, I have absolutely no regard for our bed time and we'll go bed at midnight for the third night in a row. heheh.


katie's shower.

kellie and I had a lot of fun decorating these cupcakes. I loved the little pearls. katie's colors are navy, cream and gray. we tried to stick to that, but we couldn't get the frosting to go that dark. we did have navy chips, though.

we had some pretty good food! the best part was the sparkling cider and wine glasses.

we had the girls split into teams and make wedding dresses out of toilet paper. it was fun and the dresses looked great!

KRISTEN! we missed you terribly.

after, a few of us went to spark. delicious.

thanks for good party, everyone! and congrats, katie!

not pictured: katie chewing 12 pieces of gum.


oh and

two years ago I had a ring but didn't sleep with it on because I was scared it would fall off.

paper garland

This weekend I co-hosted a bridal shower and it turned out great. I made these paper garlands for decoration and I love them. I just cut out circles and sewed them together with the longest stitch. They are now draped on our canvas and tree. I am definitely a fan of these and would make them for any occasion.

yo-yo garland

Last year, I made us some stockings. This year I wanted to make something from the scraps left over, so I made a garland out of yo-yos. I worked on it during the week when I was watching t.v. (heh...)...and wahoo! I finally finished. It was originally going to be a tree skirt but it didn't really look that good. Instead, I'm using it as a garland on our tree.

I didn't stitch consistently, apparently, because parts would break off as I strung it around. It was annoying. But now it's all set for a month and I don't have to fix it until next year :)

new projects

I'm not sure what the trigger was (I'm thinking Christmas-time) but I'm easing back into some crafts. First is taking that pile of circles and turning them into yo-yos. It's gonna be good. We have also been working on some other projects but most are for Christmas, so pictures will have to wait. It's been fun though. We had a sanding party in the kitchen today. Boy, sanding is loud.

It is kind of cool how less homework = more time to do fun things.

I have one more week of school, as of now, ever.

woooooooot. (I'm shamelessly going to mark every milestone)