christmas cheer

On Saturday I finished this bib for Calvin. I supposed I could keep it for future use, but it was easy to make and I didn't want it just sitting around for another year or two. I've had the bib cut out for a year now (last Christmas break I made a bunch of baby things and made some extra)...and finally got around to finishing them.

We had our ward Christmas party on Saturday and Dave and I helped. We also needed some Christmas-y clothes. I made a rosette for my sweater and a felt tree for Dave. Not pictured is me in an elf hat and Dave in reindeer antlers. We had to wear them. :)


cindy said...

You "HAD" to wear them. More like you bought them months ago in eager anticipation... :)

Emily said...

I would like to see a picture of you two wearing them, it's the holiday season! Also, you should teach me to sew cute things.