here is a funny story

our flight leaves at 6:00 AM.

yadda, yadda, plenty of pros to leaving that early but wait! did you hear the con? it's SIX AM and we have to wake up at FOUR AM.

The last two weeks have consisted of going to bed after midnight and waking up after ten. this is not going to be pretty.

I seriously can't believe "we" picked (and I say "we" because there is no way on earth we would fly out at SIX AM to save 20 bucks [oh, wait, we would?]) that early of a flight and EVEN IF it was to save 20 bucks...I seriously cannot remember selecting that flight. I don't believe it was the only flight left and we had no plans for the day and I'm sitting here thinking what in the world were we thinking?! is it worth 20 bucks? I don't think so. Flying is one big expense anyway; I doubt we even would have noticed the extra money that meant we could leave at a decent hour.

Although, we probably won't remember this next time we book a flight and we will pick a 6 AM flight to save 20 bucks.

6 AM? gross.

major thanks to both sets of parents who have to take us to the airport at FOUR THIRTY and pick us up pretty early too.

oh well, full day ahead. right?

well, that's just me, looking on the bright side.


Lauren Haddow said...

we did that once too. so not worth 20 bucks. waking up at 4 literally makes me ill

Emily said...

Ugh, early flights are awful. Let me know when you get home though and let's hang out! I'm all for an impromtu new years party :)