box number two

This is after the first box and in the middle of the second box.

Thanks for all the comments on the journals. I'm not going to throw them away and maybe I'll go through them and find some juicy entries to post here.

Box number two had some more interesting things: old teeth molds (dave: seriously?!), a few old stuffed animals, mexican soda bottles, yearbooks, graduation cards, shopping bags that I brought back from mexico (what the....), my keychain collection, notes from girlfriends in high school, old love notes (hmm...weird), class schedules, my postcard collection (which I still keep up with), foreign money and some safety pins.

All in all, two packed boxes are now condensed into one box with some room left over. I also made 11 dollars plus a trax token and some various foreign amounts. And we now have more space to store things. Woo!

Here is my pile of things to scan. Cards, letters, certificates, art (seriously, I'm proud of my 12th grade art), random tokens from my teenage years...

Sometimes it's hard to let go. It's fun to reflect on the past and what a great time I've had growing up. And it's good to know that I can still have memories and pictures even if I don't keep everything.

But there are many years ahead with more memories to make and things to keep.

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Lulu said...

this sounds like something i need to do. i have a closet full of several boxes of memories/keepsakes. time to go through it again because it seems like every time you do things that mattered even a year ago that you didn't want to get rid of don't mean anything to you anymore... funny how that works.
oh and by the way... i have several journals as well and i am embarrassed when i read them and the thought of anyone else reading them in the future freaks me out. haha but of course i want to keep them cause my parents didn't keep journals & i wish they did. but i will most definitely go through them one day soon and edit them (ya know... maybe tear out certain pages... haha).
good post, you have inspired me!