I'm a big kid now.

So...guess what? I got a job.

I'm a wellsteps guide for wellsteps, a worksite wellness company. I haven't blogged about it because at first, it was a hope and a prayer and when I started interviewing, it was a long shot and then when it seemed real I didn't want to jinx it.

I know that sometimes we talk about how God doesn't always answer our prayers in the way we want and when we would like and that there is always a bigger plan....

but sometimes, our prayers are answered how we want and right when we need. And maybe that just means you're doing okay because all the plans line up...but for whatever reason, we are very grateful.

I'm excited about this job. I mean, I'm scared out of my mind (just a little) but I feel very lucky to be working in my actual field at a position that is a specific of my field I've always been interested in.

My first day was today and it went pretty well. It's weird that I'm not going back to school and I have an actual full-time job. We may not have everything figured out but for now, things are going well and we are looking forward to a great semester.

I wonder how long until I stop measuring my life in semesters.

just call me suga momma.


Bruce said...

Congratulations! That's awesome!

super awesome kt said...


(p.s. the link to wellsteps is borked)

Kara Lyn said...

This is so exciting that you have a job!! It is a lot of fun to work and start doing what you spent all that time studying. You will be a great suga momma. Congrats and have fun!!!

Alyssa Sorenson. said...

That's so awesome. Its nice to know that sometimes things actually work out in our favor! Justin has been waiting to hear back about a job he interviewed for that he really wants and its been a long wait. Hopefully I will blog something similar in the near future... but if not... :)

So happy for you!

Jody Lynn said...

this is so exciting! go you!!!!!

Jules said...

So what exactly is your job description? What does a wellsteps guide do? I might have to google them!