oh, hey.

I've been annoyed recently at my lack of ideas for posting. And not because I have 1,000 followers anxiously awaiting my posts or because I have a contract or anything...I'm seriously bugged at how I seem to have run out of things to post besides an occasional recipe, a link and a project or two.

I have run out of stories and we don't do anything really adventurous lately.

I will have to ponder on what else I can blog about, because I do like blogging. Even as the third-year-since-we-met approaches, I realize I already shared all those juicy details. Ok, they are not that juicy.

Maybe I'll dig out some journals that I went through and find something to post about. I don't know. Bleh. Any ideas?

And today for a snack I am eating a banana with some peanut butter (I wanted something more substantial than just a banana) and realize that at various points in my life I have eaten plain spoonfuls of peanut butter, frosting, brown sugar (for hiccups) and probably some cream cheese with a little bit of salsa. Well, and ice cream, but every body does that.

hmm. anyone want to admit to something similar?

happy monday.


Suzy said...

My friend eats cottage cheese with salsa mixed in for breakfast at least a couple times a week. Does that count?

Also, if you eat a small spoonful (like less than a teaspoon) of peanut butter when you have the hiccups, you won't hiccup anymore.

super awesome kt said...

haha now you know why most bloggers these days are mommy bloggers - it's easier for them to find material :)

cindy said...

When I was little (Note the past tense...) I would eat peanut butter with ketchup and sprinkles. Yuck.

cindy said...

Oh, and before I got healthier, I used to eat spoonfuls of sweetened condensed milk. Haven't done it since BYU, though...