project checklist

Earlier this week, in an attempt to help me not be so lazy during the evenings, I made a small list of the projects I wanted to finish during the week. It really helped me do something than sit on our bed at watch t.v. (not that I do that a lot...). I think I'll do this every week.

This week I wanted to

1. Finish a cowl I was making
2. Make magnets from an old bracelet
3. Make garland
4. Finish the baby stuff that I've had half-finished for a year (not for any particular person, it's just extra)

The white cowl is the one I finished this week; the blue one is from earlier this month

I was going through my jewelry and found this bracelet. I don't wear it anymore... but cute magnets, eh?

Dave says that they look like spider webs, but they turned out pretty good. I'm not sure if they'll stay there, but they are colorful, at least.

And here are the cute baby things I finished.


kylie said...

you are so creative and crafty! i love the cowl. love.

Katya said...

once again, totally impressed with your craftiness. and i want to learn how to make a cowl! so cute!

Lyss said...

youre so domestic!

haha! awesome scarf things! i need to learn how to sew and stuff. meh.

Shanna Selin said...

I like the scarf with the big yarn the best. It does have big yard, doesn't it? Also, the bracelet does make great magnets.

Marissa said...

I love all your projects, you are simply amazing! How is everything going for you with your new job??