world maps

I've had to memorize the world at least twice in my life and I think it would be fun to have world maps in our house some where.

I like this decal (and the blue wall!).

I think that this one is my favorite*. I love the canvas look and the color.

I like this pillow from Ikea. (heh, katie -- thanks)

I also like this pillow, probably without the 'metro'. I think this would be pretty easy to recreate (and by easy I mean not-so-easy to cut out the world).

*today I have gone mega-crazy. I remember reading a blog post about someone making this/painting this on their wall. I've spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to find the post. I can't remember who posted it, but I can see the post in my mind! This happened yesterday with a different post. It's driving me crazy. So, if you have seen a post like this, please let me know. I obviously read too many blogs and like too many things.


Katya said...

i've always thought the same thing, manda! big world map on the wall in my future library/study. and also maybe a globe, because i think those are cute too. (tehe, IKEA pillow)

Shanna Selin said...

I think I've seen that map picture somewhere too and I don't read design sponge anymore so I didn't see it there. I like it!