happy birthday man. here, have a cold

We all know that marriage is about sharing. I'm so full of love and marriage-ishness that I even share my cold germs. Last week, as I was finally getting better from a cold, I thought I would give Dave a cold. I thought he would be over it by today, but obviously I have the superior immune system.

(By the way, I find it annoying that I get sick when I have the least amount of stress and social interaction that I have had in years. Neither of us have been sick for over a year, at least. So now? Lame!)

Oh, right. This post isn't about me.

I am now the wife of a 27 year old. Dave is in his late twenties. haha!

But he's an old man with a head cold, so we're taking it easy today. Waffles smothered in Nutella for breakfast (oh, wait, that was just me) and pizza, hamburgers and cake later today.

Now if that ain't a birthday, I don't know what is.

You may not know this, but Dave's birthday is so important, they even gave you the day off.

So yeah, happy birthday dave!

oh yeah, he doesn't even read this blog. so I'm not sure why I'm posting this. to tell you I had nutella smothered waffles for breakfast. be jealous.


Kristy said...

haha. I like you. You're such a nice wifey to share with him.

Laura C said...

Haha that sounds delicious! Happy birthday to Dave! :)

Emily said...

hurray for birthdays! and way to go with no school or work on the bday. also, nutella and waffles sounds so good right now :)