nice to see you again, weekend.

photo by emily mangum, my best dc friend.

oh, hello. It's been a pretty slow week for interesting things to blog about...and a pretty slow week in general. The most exciting thing was trying to learn some html. Which can tell you how exciting the rest of the week was. As in, not exciting. I did go to a mid-week Relief Society activity and played a minute to win it. I threaded penne pasta on fettuccine quite fast, thank you very much.

Monday was great because birthdays are always fun, but then I spent the whole week trying to remember what day of the week it was. It also snowed. I made some banana bread last night. Remember last time I tried to make bread with produce in it? I was a little bit nervous but I went for it anyway. I like to live on the edge.

And when the timer went off and I inserted a knife and it came out gooey I dropped to my knees and to the universe cried "whyyyyyyyyyy meeeeeee??!?!"

Actually, I put it back in for like 15 minutes and even though I spent those 15 minutes grumbling about why nothing I make every turns out (another post entirely), it came out in one piece, done and beautiful. And it tastes great. Not too banana-y and a great texture too.


And I watched Robin Hood last night. Of the Russell Crowe pre-legend variety. I loved it. I loved the actors, scenery, accents and story. Have any of you seen that movie? (I know I'm a year behind, but anyway...) What did you think!?

So, anyway, here is to a great weekend, more exciting things next week and warm weather ahead.

Thanks for reading!


Heidi said...

I love all the new pictures of you and Dave. They are all so cute!!

kylie said...

i love that picture of you and dave, too. also, i liked the robin hood movie, but i sorta thought that russell was a little too old to be robin hood for my liking. that's my lame, picky comment. you can't blame a girl for wanting a young hot robin hood, right? :) have a great week!