on stripped shirts and earrings

Remember how I love my stripped shirts from forever 21? I mean these last two weeks I think I wore each one a few times before finally admitting it should go in the dirty clothes basket.

I mean, I hardly ever leave the house any more, so a) no one would even know and b) it can't get that dirty, can it?

I think that is a slippery slope.

Anyway, Dave gave me some lovely earrings for valentine's (he knows how to win my heart) and the gift included these anchor earrings, which I thought were awesome. (and chunky rose earrings, which I loove.)

Yesterday I wore the gold pair and my light blue stripped shirt yesterday (not really on purpose) and felt so nautical. It was even nice weather. Later I told Dave "isn't it cool how I'm wearing these anchor earrings and my stripped shirt?"

And then he told me how he had gotten me the anchor earrings because I love those stripped shirts. You know, sticking with the whole "nautical" theme.

Woah! I thought he just had great taste while picking from a random assortment of earrings, but it turns how he remembers little things like how I loved stripped shirts and cardigans.

aw, cute.

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Emily said...

Those are adorable! I'm lovin the nautical theme right now, and I love that I know what shirts you're talking about since I saw them all summer :)