peer pressure.

Today was a day where I worked in bed all day. Awesome, right? I've told myself I should only do that once a week at most, because you fall into a trap of being a bum all day. When you sit at the table or even the couch, you seem to have more to live for.

Shanna texts me around 5 or something to ask if she could bring over something and I said sure.

And then, to myself, I said, amanda, you look homeless.

(Now I don't want you or Shanna to think that I thought she would judge me or anything if she came over and I looked like I hadn't really done anything but work on the computer all was just a little nudge I needed. The minute I answered her text I was contemplating a nap.)

So in the five minutes between the text and her coming over I put on makeup, hung up our coats, cleared the table, picked up the living room floor, made the bed (if only haphazardly) and put on a headband.

After she left (giving us delicious bread too!) and before Dave came home I folded a load of laundry and put it away, set the table, put the dishes in the drying rack away (before you get all impressed...I didn't say I did any dishes), put Dave's birthday presents away and ate a cupcake.

But that is neither here nor there.

It is no secret (at least, now it's not) that Dave and I do our best work when we know someone is coming over. Anyone feel the same way?


Katya said...

oh, for sure. if i know someone's coming over, then it's like, oh crap, put away all the stuff that's strewn across the living room! otherwise, i mostly can't be bothered

Sarah said...

Most definitely. One time I even cleaned up my apartment as a precaution when I thought my boyfriend's sister would see it for just a second.
It turns out we ended up hanging out at my apartment, and I was so glad that I had succumbed to the pressure.

Shanna Selin said...

I always do that! Sometimes I even do it when I know Evan is coming home too just so he doesn't think I'm a slob.

cindy said...

It's a good thing other people exist, or my living room might become a wasteland.