valentine food

While I am a romantic, I don't looove Valentine's day. But, in general, it is fun to celebrate holidays. What I am looking forward to is the v-day food. I mean, I hope I don't make it all on Monday, but you never know. They say the way to a man's heart is his stomach...but I'll try to go easy on the desserts, as to not give Dave a heart attack. Here are some of my favorite things I've seen on the web this week (I read too many cooking blogs):

A heart in a cupcake. It seems more trouble that it's worth, but laffy taffy frosting? mmm, yes.

Homemade pudding in homemade pudding cups? Not necessarily a valentine exclusive, but seems romantic.

Now this strawberry cocoa looks fabulous. Plus, Dave loves strawberry ice cream. And it just sounds so good.

Fruit pizza. Yummy for any occasion, but red fruit makes it particularly applicable. Plus, it's a big sugar cookie.

Red velvet cake. I've never made one before, but it has always seemed like a classy cake, even though I think it's just chocolate cake. It sort of seems like a waste of red food dye, but look! it is so cool.

Macaroons. I don't think I've ever had them...and I know I'm missing out. (Katie, I'm looking at you!) These seem pretty easy (and by easy I mean a temperamental four-ingredient recipe) and very cute.

Mini cheesecakes. Yum. Just yum.

I also want to make some basic valentine sugar cookies with my new heart shaped cookie cutters.

Hopefully Monday doesn't turn into a dessert fest (although...great idea?). Dave's birthday is coming up with is also a reason to bake some delicious desserts.

Any holiday treats you want to try? Or think I should know about before I plan Monday's sugar fest?

(all pictures are taken by their respective cooks (see links))


Katya said...

fun food!! haha i've been browsing all valentine's recipes on cooking blogs too. i'm sort of dying to try molten chocolate lava cakes in my little ramekins sometime, or some nutella cupcakes i found on tartelette. and that red velvet cake looks delish!

we have to have to have to try making macarons because, oh my goodness they are so so so so so good!

Jody said...

i'm all about the sugar cookies. ;) man, i have been craving them since last tuesday.

Laura said...

I made that homemade chocolate pudding, and I ate it ALL... it was delicious!! Oh and I want to make red velvet cupcakes now...

Connie said...

Yum. I love making treats. It kills me that you can't take anything home made to the kids classes at school anymore. Everything has to be made from the store. It really takes the fun out of helping at their school parties I think. BTW do you have any good book suggestions? I just finished The Help and loved it and need something new to help me keep my sanity (or to be a "happy place" to escape to when I can't take it anymore.