our valentine's was pretty low-key but still a fun day. I made this heart garland for decoration, and I'm wishing I had made it sooner because it awesome. Not awesome, though, is how every where you look in this apartment is full cinder-block walls and nasty light fixtures. Which makes for ugly pictures of any sort. (here is one part of the house (the ceiling) that is normal--but that comes with a light fixture so....)

I tried strawberry cocoa and it wasn't quite as good as I had hoped...but still festive.

we had brinner and it was delicious. pink, heart-shaped waffles topped with everything heavenly and the best breakfast potatoes I've ever had.

we went to coldstone for dessert and rented knight and day. it was a pretty good movie (we're not that picky, anyway) and a fun holiday. up next is dave's birthday, which will turn into a 3-day weekend festival, which I'm sure he'll hate.

he hates being the center of attention which makes birthdays less fun and really cramps my party-throwing style. but, it's about him, after all, so I guess I will make a delicious chocolate cake and call it good.

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