weekend window shopping

Dave was at school for about 10 hours on Saturday. After doing some housework and watching some t.v., I decided to go get some foam board for a project Dave is working on. I went to Hobby Lobby (wow, talk about a craft store!) and the meandered over Old Navy for a looksie. Besides having the cutest baby clothes, Old Navy also had some other cute spring finds. Here are some of my favorites-

love these shoes, sans straps

I could probably make a similar bag and I'll probably not see a beach anytime soon, but I like this bag.

I have a black skirt similar to this and it is so comfortable.

I'm excited for weekends that doesn't mean 12 uninterrupted hours for homework. While it's nice to have some "me" time, I have that a lot these days and don't really need any more! I also eat a lot when Dave isn't around and I've cleaned the apartment, caught up on shoes, etc. out of boredom.

Next weekend should be more fun though; we're celebrating two years!

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Emily said...

Hurray for window shopping. All my window shopping is online so I'm impressed!