homemade wheat thins

photo from two peas and their pod

I saw this recipe and bookmarked it, but it wasn't until my sister-in-law made them successfully that I thought I'd give them a try.

They are so good. And so easy. In the recipe, she says it would be just as fast to go buy some, and it's true! They were easy to mix together, roll out and bake.

Some of them tasted just like the real thing, and others still tasted like good crackers. That may be because I accidentally put too much vanilla in, but...I still think they are delicious. I also didn't put any salt on top (I forgot) and they still were good.

Try it! They are way cheaper and more healthy than store-bought wheat thins (as in non-processed and fewer/whole ingredients!). And we're all for cheap and healthy!


Our friends showed us these hilarious videos. We watched a lot of them and love them. So funny! Basically, they take holes in the plots of our favorite movies and exploit them. The voices and graphics are great.

Watch them!

This LOTR video is fantastic. And they have a good point.

casino royale

This weekend we watched casino royale and it was awesome, as usual. This time though, I was really drawn to this look.

It goes without saying that I really love her shirt but I also found myself wanting her necklace.

However, the 'petite' version is sixty bucks. (!!!) (The original size is $100+)

hmm. any one want to give me sixty - one hundred bucks??

what do you think of the necklace? is it really weird to wear a necklace that was in a bond movie? or would that just make you really awesome?


I went grocery shopping today and I realized I had

cottage cheese
cream cheese
feta cheese
Parmesan cheese
mozzarella cheese
sour cream

in my cart. all at once.

holy dairy products.

don't worry, we won't eat it all at once. we'll just add it to the goat cheese, pepper jack and cheddar cheese we have. (plus milk, yogurt and butter).

heh. who likes cheese?!

anchors away

So...I made more onesies. This time, they are not really for anyone specific.

I'm not making things for our future kids, but I'm not not making things either.

I'm just...making things for a general "baby things" pile, and when I need a baby present, voila! Pretty much everything is re-doable and I'm liking making baby things because they are easy.
And if some are still around when we have a baby, it probably won't be an accident.

Like the anchor onesie, if only because it was too annoying to ever do again.

I have two onesies left...anyone have any ideas for a cute baby onesie?

In other news...

..after nine years I finally bought new tennis shoes. Now I know what you're thinking: Amanda, why do you need tennis shoes? But, hey, if I wear them on occasional hikes and occasional racquetball games over the next nine years, what an investment! (Oh, and I have this vague and random "goal" of running a 5k or something...I mean, I hate running. And I'm not very good. And my knees are terrible. But, maybe my new shoes will work some magic in the next nine years.)

Also, my shoes are white and blue. Costco only had white and pink, white and blue and black and pink. (but would you believe that in three google images searches, that combo fails to exist?!)

Dave told me that I am too white to pull off black tennis shoes, but he has black and silver tennis shoes, and he's whiter than I am! (ok, that's probably not true.) But the black tennis shoes are a little too intense for me.

I tried them on for Dave when he came home and asked if he thought they were the right size and he should check my toes and all that stuff. He said "I don't know how to do that" and I told him that that is what moms do and I don't know how to check if my shoes are going to be ok. To which he replied "well, you're the mom now."


Though my heels don't come up when I walk, so I figure that is a good start?

spinach soup

(photo and recipe from the p.w., naturally).Last night I made spinach soup and it was really good! We had a big box of spinach from Costco, and though we ate salad almost everyday, I wanted to find something that would use a lot of it up. This soup was perfect. And, like most things that have spinach in them, it didn't really taste like spinach. It was really good.

my alterations: the recipe calls for 5 cups of whole milk. I used four cups of 1% and one cup of evaporated milk. We used parmesan cheese instead of gruyere (I'm not sure I've ever had gruyere).

note: beware of the cayenne. 1/4 tsp doesn't sound like a lot, but my throat was burning. It makes it good and spicy!

would you try it? what other kinds of vegetable soup do you like?

st. patty's

I'm sure I wore green a lot on this day when I was younger, but as an adult, well, my eyes are green, so that totally counts.

And four years ago I made Dave blush down to his toes by telling him I was wearing green underpants, so I could not be pinched.

And I forgot to dye the milk green, but I'm sure Dave will forgive me, since, with no kids, no one really cares around here. I did remember to dye it pink for v-day. Maybe we'll have green waffles for dinner.

And I am very good, nay, great, at inserting phrases into my sentences.

black tie affair

Yesterday I spent a few hours with my dear friend Alyssa (seriously, click on over and look at her cuuuute baby and awesome pictures). Her little boy, Ezra, is turning one this week (one of my friends has a one year old?!) and I made him some applique onesies to celebrate.

They are my new favorite craft and our babies will have a million.

And hanging out with ezra has my fingers itching for babies who wear those million onesies. Just saying.

on small triumphs. and cake.

Isn't she beautiful? A little messier than the original, but hey! I made one dang flat cake for living at 4,500 feet. On Saturday evening I made the cake, thinking I was so fancy for being so prepared. On Sunday, all I'd have to do was whip up some frosting and add the strawberries.

The cake was flat. Well, first, it was really high. And then it fell. Down and down it fell. And then I inverted the cake and it fell the other way. It looked terrible. So I covered it up and decided I'd just make another one after church.

In the morning I looked up high altitude baking tips (seriously, why have I not done this?). The secret to my success: less baking powder, less sugar and a higher temp. There are a few other tips, but they didn't apply to the recipe. I would definitely give it a go if you're baking from scratch at 3,000+.

'Cause hey, you may just end up with the most beautiful cake you've ever made that splits right in half to make a perfect two layer cake. (well, shortcake cake). And it was a pretty good shortcake! Definitely worth another shot.

Are you a strawberries or whipped cream first type of person? I need to know.

on cakes and what to do when your husband doesn't like cake.

Dave doesn't like cake. He'll eat it but...he's much rather eat a pie or cheesecake (phew. I mean, sheesh.). I think I knew that before we got married, but maybe not since every year for his birthday I ask him what kind of cake he wants and he's like "I don't really like cake" and I'm like "what!?" He didn't even want to go get free Magleby's cake after BYU scored 80 points last week. what!? His distaste for cake doesn't stop me, however. Noooo way.

Especially when there are so many good looking cakes out there I want to try.

This weekend Dave's brother Bruce (who, it turns out, doesn't like cake either) and his wife Karren are coming down for a quick visit and we are having a big sibling lunch. Dave volunteered to make lunch, which is fine, because if there is one thing I know, that family loves strawberries. They may not like cake, but they like strawberries. (and candy, but duh.)

So, if my new cake pan comes before Sunday, I'm making this baby. And it's win-win-win, because it's strawberry shortcake, which technically is different from cake. right? And, hello! Strawberries!

Our good friend Em made it and there is anything I trust, it is her food judgment.
So family, be prepared.

(photo from the pw, of course. look at that cake platter!)

Unless my 2" deep cake pan doesn't come and then I can't help you. Because it's a must.


CAKE. Who's with me?!

i'm a taxi-ing fool.

We are house-sitting for my parents for a few days while they are in Vegas for the Mountain West Tourney. (I'm cool because I said tourney). We are also watching two of my little sisters, which has been fun so far. I mean, we're the cool older siblings who let them watch t.v. on a school night (m&d-what happens when you're in vegas stays in...orem...) and take them out to dinner (well, while we're being honest, on m&d's bill, of course).

And since Dave doesn't have any classes today, he stayed home to work. I'm glad about that...not only do we save the gas but then I'm not alone in this big old house by myself. Though I'm happy to be alone with the washer/dryer. heh.

Anyways, it is making me sad to think of all the years ahead of me when our children are in school and I have to wake up at ridiculous hours (oh wait, isn't that parenting 101?) to get them to school. Luckily my sisters are pretty easy to get going and I did go back to bed after dropping them off. But still.

go cougars!

3 if by jimmer

This past weekend was really fun. On Friday, I sewed something (finally) and we went to Katie and Aaron's to make macarons, eat pizza and play kinect. It was so fun. And! Look how good we are at making macarons! those feet!

On Saturday, we went to the BYU basketball game with my family. It was so much fun! We played great! It was so fun! I love going to home games and feeling part of such a big crowd. That is something that I will miss--being part of the BYU student body. There is such an energy and in the home court, you can feel that energy and love that BYU has for their teams. It was especially fun to be there for the last home game and all the jimmer love. we love us some live basketball! If you want to see the sweet flash mob that the student section did, click here

After the game, Dave and I went to the mall to buy some pants and use a giftcard that we still had from our wedding. We bought one of these babies, and are very excited to use it.

After, we went to Terra Mia to celebrate our 2 year anniversary! It was delicious (except they didn't have the strawberry gelato I've been craving since we last went!!) and we had such a fun day. On Sunday, we went and played mario kart with the mangums and I got my butt kicked, royally.

Thanks to everyone who made it such a fun weekend!


I have an irrational fear of my knee/knee caps breaking. Dave loves to use this fear and pretend to crush my knees while I shout "MY KNEES!" I just don't like having my knees smooshed, ok?

But it's ok, because I still play songs like "sweet disposition" that he hates because 1) his voice is "weird" and 2) I played it the whole summer of '09.

And then he says things like "those are the worst pit stains I have ever seen". how rude. (excuse me, remember when we lived in DC and it was 100 degrees and 90% humidity and we walked everywhere? so yes, my white shirt isn't so pretty under the arms but it's natural bodily function and at least I didn't die from heat exhaustion!)

And then I asked him if dinner is good 15 times just to make sure AND ask him every other day if he likes the name parker or paige yet.

it's a beautiful symbiotic relationship.

any other relationships work the same way?

hanging up our adventure hats

On Monday we entertained the idea of possibly moving to Virginia for short-term job later this year. We thought about it for a few hours (and my first reaction was YES), and ultimately decided stay here. This was a decision with a lot more cons than we're used to. (Mostly moving again and driving cross country again and more school after).

There were pros too (hello, east coast friends!), but I think for now, the adventurers in us need a year off. We are enjoying the small amount of permanency in our lives and are looking forward to a Utah summer (provided it doesn't snow in june or something, like last year). We had so much fun the last time we were in Utah for the summer and hope it will be fun again.

It was so weird to me, thinking about going and staying and knowing I could be happy with both--and probably be more happy staying. The last two summers I was so anxious to go...but now, I feel that our plan for now is good. While both places would help meet goals we have for our future, for the first time, staying seems more important in the long run.

Because we just want to graduate. And then go.

So, after two years of crazy summer whirlwind adventures, we are hanging up our adventure hats. for now.

(unless it was some cool kind of job where Dave could still work at school and I could go to Disneyland everyday...then I'd be down).


We get the Sunday paper and the only ad I like to look at is Target. This week, I found a few things that I loooove. I think it would be fun to have a world clock wall. Kind of useless, but kind of cool. I really really like these quilts. Simple, great colors and I love the circle pattern.

These lamps. I love them. Dave says if we got them, our current lamps would get together and revolt (we just watched toy story 3) but I don't think that would happen. Hello, woody and buzz are best friends. buzz lamps. I love you.