hanging up our adventure hats

On Monday we entertained the idea of possibly moving to Virginia for short-term job later this year. We thought about it for a few hours (and my first reaction was YES), and ultimately decided stay here. This was a decision with a lot more cons than we're used to. (Mostly moving again and driving cross country again and more school after).

There were pros too (hello, east coast friends!), but I think for now, the adventurers in us need a year off. We are enjoying the small amount of permanency in our lives and are looking forward to a Utah summer (provided it doesn't snow in june or something, like last year). We had so much fun the last time we were in Utah for the summer and hope it will be fun again.

It was so weird to me, thinking about going and staying and knowing I could be happy with both--and probably be more happy staying. The last two summers I was so anxious to go...but now, I feel that our plan for now is good. While both places would help meet goals we have for our future, for the first time, staying seems more important in the long run.

Because we just want to graduate. And then go.

So, after two years of crazy summer whirlwind adventures, we are hanging up our adventure hats. for now.

(unless it was some cool kind of job where Dave could still work at school and I could go to Disneyland everyday...then I'd be down).


Emily said...

We'll both be here for the summer so we should definitely have some adventures together :)

cindy said...

Yes, enjoy some down time while you can!