homemade wheat thins

photo from two peas and their pod

I saw this recipe and bookmarked it, but it wasn't until my sister-in-law made them successfully that I thought I'd give them a try.

They are so good. And so easy. In the recipe, she says it would be just as fast to go buy some, and it's true! They were easy to mix together, roll out and bake.

Some of them tasted just like the real thing, and others still tasted like good crackers. That may be because I accidentally put too much vanilla in, but...I still think they are delicious. I also didn't put any salt on top (I forgot) and they still were good.

Try it! They are way cheaper and more healthy than store-bought wheat thins (as in non-processed and fewer/whole ingredients!). And we're all for cheap and healthy!

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Ryan said...

I've bookmarked this too! Totally making these pronto. Love all the homemade-y goodness!