i'm a taxi-ing fool.

We are house-sitting for my parents for a few days while they are in Vegas for the Mountain West Tourney. (I'm cool because I said tourney). We are also watching two of my little sisters, which has been fun so far. I mean, we're the cool older siblings who let them watch t.v. on a school night (m&d-what happens when you're in vegas stays in...orem...) and take them out to dinner (well, while we're being honest, on m&d's bill, of course).

And since Dave doesn't have any classes today, he stayed home to work. I'm glad about that...not only do we save the gas but then I'm not alone in this big old house by myself. Though I'm happy to be alone with the washer/dryer. heh.

Anyways, it is making me sad to think of all the years ahead of me when our children are in school and I have to wake up at ridiculous hours (oh wait, isn't that parenting 101?) to get them to school. Luckily my sisters are pretty easy to get going and I did go back to bed after dropping them off. But still.

go cougars!

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