In other news...

..after nine years I finally bought new tennis shoes. Now I know what you're thinking: Amanda, why do you need tennis shoes? But, hey, if I wear them on occasional hikes and occasional racquetball games over the next nine years, what an investment! (Oh, and I have this vague and random "goal" of running a 5k or something...I mean, I hate running. And I'm not very good. And my knees are terrible. But, maybe my new shoes will work some magic in the next nine years.)

Also, my shoes are white and blue. Costco only had white and pink, white and blue and black and pink. (but would you believe that in three google images searches, that combo fails to exist?!)

Dave told me that I am too white to pull off black tennis shoes, but he has black and silver tennis shoes, and he's whiter than I am! (ok, that's probably not true.) But the black tennis shoes are a little too intense for me.

I tried them on for Dave when he came home and asked if he thought they were the right size and he should check my toes and all that stuff. He said "I don't know how to do that" and I told him that that is what moms do and I don't know how to check if my shoes are going to be ok. To which he replied "well, you're the mom now."


Though my heels don't come up when I walk, so I figure that is a good start?

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Kara Lyn said...

Love the shoes! Let Dave know that it is almost impossible to check your own shoes and that he will need to do that for you and when he takes your future kids shopping. I miss seeing you guys.