I have an irrational fear of my knee/knee caps breaking. Dave loves to use this fear and pretend to crush my knees while I shout "MY KNEES!" I just don't like having my knees smooshed, ok?

But it's ok, because I still play songs like "sweet disposition" that he hates because 1) his voice is "weird" and 2) I played it the whole summer of '09.

And then he says things like "those are the worst pit stains I have ever seen". how rude. (excuse me, remember when we lived in DC and it was 100 degrees and 90% humidity and we walked everywhere? so yes, my white shirt isn't so pretty under the arms but it's natural bodily function and at least I didn't die from heat exhaustion!)

And then I asked him if dinner is good 15 times just to make sure AND ask him every other day if he likes the name parker or paige yet.

it's a beautiful symbiotic relationship.

any other relationships work the same way?

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Kristen said...

I'm totally guilty of asking Greg multiple times if dinner is good. Poor guy doesn't know what I exactly I want him to say.