I went grocery shopping today and I realized I had

cottage cheese
cream cheese
feta cheese
Parmesan cheese
mozzarella cheese
sour cream

in my cart. all at once.

holy dairy products.

don't worry, we won't eat it all at once. we'll just add it to the goat cheese, pepper jack and cheddar cheese we have. (plus milk, yogurt and butter).

heh. who likes cheese?!


Emily said...

go dairy! and hurray for not getting osteoporosis in thirty years! also, i'm making cheesecake bars tonight. dairy, no? hah

Lafayette said...

You guys must be rich! Or maybe you just live in Utah where dairy prices aren't ridiculous....enjoy your dairy products!!

Kristen said...

Ooops I wrote that comment from Greg's account!

Connie said...

Have you tried that new Greek Yogurt? I hear the best brand is the one they have at Costco. It's definitely different but pretty good- if you are into yogurty things.