on cakes and what to do when your husband doesn't like cake.

Dave doesn't like cake. He'll eat it but...he's much rather eat a pie or cheesecake (phew. I mean, sheesh.). I think I knew that before we got married, but maybe not since every year for his birthday I ask him what kind of cake he wants and he's like "I don't really like cake" and I'm like "what!?" He didn't even want to go get free Magleby's cake after BYU scored 80 points last week. what!? His distaste for cake doesn't stop me, however. Noooo way.

Especially when there are so many good looking cakes out there I want to try.

This weekend Dave's brother Bruce (who, it turns out, doesn't like cake either) and his wife Karren are coming down for a quick visit and we are having a big sibling lunch. Dave volunteered to make lunch, which is fine, because if there is one thing I know, that family loves strawberries. They may not like cake, but they like strawberries. (and candy, but duh.)

So, if my new cake pan comes before Sunday, I'm making this baby. And it's win-win-win, because it's strawberry shortcake, which technically is different from cake. right? And, hello! Strawberries!

Our good friend Em made it and there is anything I trust, it is her food judgment.
So family, be prepared.

(photo from the pw, of course. look at that cake platter!)

Unless my 2" deep cake pan doesn't come and then I can't help you. Because it's a must.


CAKE. Who's with me?!


Ryan said...

I'll eat what they don't!

Emily said...

I've made the tres leches cake before too and it was super good.

Bruce said...

I'm preparing.

Katya said...

i love cake!!!
and aaron doesn't really, so there you go. i totally feel you. :)

Christensens said...

I'll bet that even Bruce and David will like almost all of that cake. They are not big icing fans though. It looks good to me.

I See Badgers said...

meh...my vote remains with pie :P


Laura said...

You should make them into cake balls, then dip them into chocolate. Delicious!

Kristy said...

I don't really like cake either, but I like strawberries. I made dinner and had strawberries as a side, then we had some at grandma Carter's... They are sooo good. Have fun tomorrow. Good luck with the cake! I hope the pan came today.

super awesome kt said...

I loved it! Thank you! mmmmm