on small triumphs. and cake.

Isn't she beautiful? A little messier than the original, but hey! I made one dang flat cake for living at 4,500 feet. On Saturday evening I made the cake, thinking I was so fancy for being so prepared. On Sunday, all I'd have to do was whip up some frosting and add the strawberries.

The cake was flat. Well, first, it was really high. And then it fell. Down and down it fell. And then I inverted the cake and it fell the other way. It looked terrible. So I covered it up and decided I'd just make another one after church.

In the morning I looked up high altitude baking tips (seriously, why have I not done this?). The secret to my success: less baking powder, less sugar and a higher temp. There are a few other tips, but they didn't apply to the recipe. I would definitely give it a go if you're baking from scratch at 3,000+.

'Cause hey, you may just end up with the most beautiful cake you've ever made that splits right in half to make a perfect two layer cake. (well, shortcake cake). And it was a pretty good shortcake! Definitely worth another shot.

Are you a strawberries or whipped cream first type of person? I need to know.