spinach soup

(photo and recipe from the p.w., naturally).Last night I made spinach soup and it was really good! We had a big box of spinach from Costco, and though we ate salad almost everyday, I wanted to find something that would use a lot of it up. This soup was perfect. And, like most things that have spinach in them, it didn't really taste like spinach. It was really good.

my alterations: the recipe calls for 5 cups of whole milk. I used four cups of 1% and one cup of evaporated milk. We used parmesan cheese instead of gruyere (I'm not sure I've ever had gruyere).

note: beware of the cayenne. 1/4 tsp doesn't sound like a lot, but my throat was burning. It makes it good and spicy!

would you try it? what other kinds of vegetable soup do you like?


Suzy said...

If I had a ton of spinach I would definitely try this. (warning: rant coming on) It bugs me how it seems like a lot of soups call for WHOLE milk. I don't want one bowl of soup to be the equivalent of all my allotted calories/fat content etc for the WHOLE day! Plus, when do I ever have whole milk. Honestly.

So what I'm trying to say is good call on the milk substitutions. :) Hope work is going well! I also love zucchini soup. Yum.

super awesome kt said...

I love gruyere in combination with other things, but not so much on its own. I bet this would be tasty with it.

It looks good!

kt said...

umm the recipe is now gone from PW's site. saddd. do you have it recorded somewhere?