veni, vidi, vici.

I tried to channel my 18 year-old self yesterday. See if I was the person I thought I would be when I graduated from college. And I don't know if I am, because I never really thought about that when I was a freshman. I was just a girl who loved scrubs and harry potter.

But when I see myself today, I see huge differences from the person I was four years ago. And I am glad. There are a lot of differences between my freshman and senior self. And I bet most people see that when they graduate. But you know what? I still love scrubs and harry potter. You don't have to completely change to grow up. And now I wish I had some life lessons from scrubs handy for you.

I loved my colleges years. I loved being a freshman, living with my best friend and doing all sorts of crazy things. I didn't really love the decision making (that continued through all of college, imagine that), but I made it through. And I often wonder if I've made all the right decisions along the way, but I believe that things work out how they should. So regardless of whether or not I thought I'd be somewhere different, I think where I am is where I am supposed to be. I am glad I had such awesome roommates and that we all have such high hopes for the future. I really dig my current roommate, too. He's part of why I'm better now, too.

Well, better doesn't have to mean more mature, does it?
Look, just because we want our kids to play with quality toys...

But I don't think my college years will be my best years. And even though sometimes lately I feel stuck , I look forward to our best years.

There are so many things I loved about being a student. I loved feeling a part of something. I loved learning and the opportunities available to me. I'm glad that I have a little German, ballet and world religions under my belt, even if I didn't "need" those classes. But, I think I did. I think the classes I didn't need to take or didn't end up using towards anything are the ones I've loved the most.

But, there are new adventures ahead and plenty of learning.

So, here's to graduating and growing up. letting go of what has defined you for 16 years and figuring out what to do with that.

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Emily said...

I may or may not have checked your blog exactly one minute after you posted... Hurray for graduation!! And for growing up, but not always growing out of the things you love. HP will always be near and dear to my heart :)