cake of roses

from i am baker via pw

Isn't this a pretty cake? I would like to try it, but I do not have frosting skills other that straight across with sprinkles. Also, I have digressed to having the present wrapping skills of a five year old.

BUT she says it is super easy. Maybe I will just do one rose on a cake though, for dramatic effect. Because that is a load of frosting. (and dude, check out the cakes she makes! amazing)

Also, Dave won't let* me bake anymore desserts unless we share**, and desserts almost never make it out the door in time to share. Soo...I think we know what this means. Have a party, invite me. I'll bring a cake. It may or may not look like that.

*it's not like I'm not allowed to, but he really doesn't want the temptation. and whatever, I guess I can help a guy out.
**he's all worried I'm making him fat. humph.


Kristen said...

I love this cake! I saw it just yesterday and thought it was stunning! If I have a party, will you come? :-) If you make it be sure to post pictures!!

Emily said...

I'm really proud of myself for finding that same cake link before pw posted it. I love it so much and really want to make a cake just like it. Let's have a party!