chair cushions

Our kitchen chairs are pretty hard and who likes that? We decided to make some seat covers, and they turned out looking pretty good. Actually, the last two I made looked better than the second one, which looked better than the first one. Oh well. We figured out a simple pattern and it was some good sewing experience. Though, sewing a cover is kind of a pain, especially when you have rounded corners. Our chairs have a weird shape (though common) and next time we buy chairs they will definitely be of the square-cornered variety.

Out of all the fabric at Joann's, I only liked this pattern for kitchen seat covers. Well, to be honest, I went looking for stripes and a canvas-y material, and this was all they had. Of course, I loved it from first sight, so it made for an easy decision!

I also made them removable and therefore washable, which should come in handy. I just used two pieces for the back instead of one.


Emily said...

LOVE them! I think my vote was the way you ended up doing them? I'm glad I had some sort of super duper small contribution to them :)

Shanna Selin said...

Oh good. Those chairs are going to be so much more comfy now when I sit on them.

Kristen said...

Those look great! I'm impressed you made them! I thought about making some once but after looking at the weird shape of our chairs, I just went to Ross and bought some. Kudos for you for conquering the weird shape!