the lazy toothpaster

You know those couples that need separate tubes of toothpaste because one person doesn't squeeze from the bottom and it drives the other person nuts?

Well, we aren't like that. However, in order to prove how lazy of a toothpaster I am, Dave played a little trick on me.

This morning when I went to brush my teeth, I noticed the the toothpaste tube had all the toothpaste left (maybe like 25% full?) at the bottom, and the top looked like an empty tube. I thought it was really weird, but no matter, I just squeezed until I got some and went on my way.

Tonight, Dave noticed it and started laughing. "hey!" I yelled, "it was like that this morning when I brushed my teeth!" Turns out he did that just to see how much I don't care about the toothpaste being at the top of the tube.

Lucky for me, he just laughed and went on brushing his teeth.

any similar stories? are you crazy about your toothpaste tube or join the ranks of the lazy toothpasters?!

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Suzy said...

haha that's funny. Neither Corey nor I care about where the toothpaste is. I guess I'm a "lazier toothpaster" than he is though.