monday thoughts.

It is kind of weird that this week won't be ending with a plane ride to the other side of the country. And I don't know that I wish we were moving for the summer, but I am always up for an adventure on the East Coast.

And this week I will be an official (or perhaps only a ceremonial, since I already have my diploma?) BYU grad. I'm glad it's finally here, because since I haven't gone to school this semester, it already seems to be over. And now it will just finally be over. And I kind of miss learning and being a part of campus, but I do not miss finals.

And you know, if we could move to somewhere that was sunny and warm instead of this dreary April weather, I would do it. Tomorrow.

And since we are out of milk and bread, I suppose I will just have to eat cookies for breakfast?


Suzy said...

ha!!! I just finished my SECOND cookie of the morning!!! Yessssssssssss. and hooray for closure. and geeky caps and gowns.

ps I'd love to pick your brains about non-student health insurance if you have any thoughts.

Laura C said...

I always love cookies for breakfast :) always.

I See Badgers said...

You know Louisiana is almost always warm...just sayin'.