oh, monday.

These are the first onesies I made, but I wanted to give them away before I posted them. Our friends Karen and Jesse are having a baby boy this summer and we are very excited for them. Dave and I worked with Karen and Dave and Jesse are in the same Masters program. They really like Disney, so I made him a cute Mickey onesie.

And, thanks to Karen and Jesse, we watched Tangled on Friday. We really liked it! (and we also watched it again on Sunday with my family.) I would definitely like to own this sometime.

Have you seen it? What do you think?


Christensens said...

The onesies are adorable. It makes me wish I could have another baby just so you and Shanna would make some cute little clothes for it. But don't worry. That's not gonna happen.

Chris said...

Oh. my. gosh! Those are adorable! Kristin would absolutely love them for our baby (due in September), and I would love to pay you to make a set for our baby!

Kristy said...

I like the movie. It is one of the best ones that I've seen since I've been home. It's good. and the onesies are pretty cute too. You can make my children cute things like that when I have them.