on the first week of summer whilst snow falls.

This week has been really good. Even though we both had to work, Dave didn't have class until Wednesday. So he stayed home and we worked from home. It was fun to hang out more. We also spent the week going through the Star Wars....sixilogy? hexilogy?

Anyways, we skipped the second, watched the action parts of the third and thoroughly enjoyed the last three. I may have to go back and watch the second, as it was Dave who skipped it and started skipping through the third. (not that you miss that much in that one...(Katie, do you remember seeing it in the dollar theater and laughing??) As you know, we like Star Wars.

And tonight we made us some lemon cookies and Dave made some real lemonade from the extra lemon juice. Yum!

It's been a fun first week of summer, that's for sure. I even made an article of clothing that turned out. (gasp!) Plus, Dave dropped his class so no homework all summer!! (oh, except writing a thesis!) Yeah, he's awesome.

So, I'll have to show you later. We are going to catch up on our shows. (By the way, does any one watch Parks and Rec?? It is freaking funny these days)

post script: a series of six movies is a hexology or saga. saga sounds cooler.


Suzy said...

I have 2 lemons in the fridge...may have to take a look at those lemon cookies :D

Speaking of work...I'm looking for a job. Your work isn't hiring, is it? (I realize they already have the star employee of the century...so why would they ever want anyone else?? haha let me know if so? thanks amanda! :)

Katya said...

oh yes, i definitely remember that movie outing...hahaha man, the first three star wars are terrible.

Ryan said...

Parks and Rec--we watched it on thursday and I LOVED it. I definitely laughed more than the last Office, which is understandable, i guess :)