Last night we celebrated Passover with some of our friends. We had the Passover Seder dinner and it was a really cool experience.

Now, I know that may seem weird since we aren't Jewish.

One of my most favorite classes I took at BYU was "World Religions". I learned so much from that class, and feel I grew to be a better person because of it. One thing I took from that class was a better knowledge of Judaism and respect for the religion. Not only should we respect all religions, but Christianity has its roots in Judaism! The early members of the Christian church (including, and especially, Christ and his apostles) were Jews--practicing members of the Jewish faith. I feel that we have such a connection with Judaism and it is a big part of our religious heritage. And I think it is important to have an open mind and to learn about other faiths.

My friend Lesa (who is a pro at Passover) was nice enough to let us come to her Seder that she does. I helped make the Matzah. And man, for only having two ingredients, it was tough!! Lesa made lamb (from New Zealand, of all places) and Matzah ball soup and it was great to try those.

We used the service program that they use at BYU when they do Seder each year. It was just a great experience to read the prayers and go over the history of Passover and learn about the symbols. We also listened to the Prince of Egypt soundtrack, which fit quite well. :)

So, that is why we attended a Seder. There is a lot of text that is recited, and my favorite was this:

"on this Seder Night, when we pray for freedom, we invoke the memory of the beloved Elijah. May his spirit enter our house at this hour, and every home, as the hearts of parents and children are turned to each other, bringing a message of hope for the future, faith in the goodness of man, and assurance that freedom will come to all..."

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Lesa said...

I should've had someone barge in when Elijah was supposed to visit. That would have made my night.