too lazy to use camera cord, have an imac picture instead.

We recently bought ourselves a Wii and needed to rearrange our living room. We finally figured out an arrangement that we like (which is hard considering how little space we have to work with!)

However, it left us with a big chunk of white where our couch used to be (see this post) and our fabric canvases needed to be rearranged a bit. This is what we came up with.

And, do you know how cool 3M Velcro tags are? They are AWESOME. We wanted to make use of the ones we already had on the wall and try not to waste the ones we had already used (which is why the spacing isn't perfect). That big blue one? Previously held up by five tags, now held up by two at the top. The red one used to have three, but since we changed the orientation, we had to use two new tags on the sides. Pretty cool, no? We only used two new tags.

Hopefully they don't fall off and hopefully our nephew doesn't help in that process :)

what do you think of the new arrangement?

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Katya said...

love love love! i've got to do something like that sometime...