when life gives you lemons

photo from two peas and their pod

For Easter, I tried making a lemon angel cake roll. Yeah, it totally didn't work out. The cake part cooked unevenly and was pretty much a disaster. I need more experience baking with egg whites. However, the lemon filling turned out perfect, so I just made a yellow cake and put it in the middle. (and made this perfect chocolatey frosting)

A few months ago I tried lemon sticky rolls. They were delicious. I would highly recommend them.

And yesterday, I saw these glazed lemon cookies and will definitely be making them soon.

Any favorite lemon recipes? They seem so summery.


David and Jessica Clyde said...

This is one of my favorite lemon dishes. It's not a dessert, which might have been what you're going for, but it is delicious:


Jody said...

I'm a huge fan of lemon desserts. Lemon bars are a must!